Terms of Grippy Use

Consumers using Grippy Thigh Highs with Knee Pads do so at their own risk and are personally responsible for any safety precautions that should be in place. Divinity Polewear takes no responsibility for any misuse of Grippy Thigh Highs resulting in injury. 

In rare cases, friction burns similar to those you can get from silks can occur. For your first few times wearing, please check the skin regularly for friction burns. This usually happens when the garment isn't the right fit on parts of the leg. For example, if the Thigh Highs fit fine up top but are a little looser on proportionately smaller calves, then the fabric is more prone to move and rub in that area - especially when pressed and pushed against a pole with body weight.

If you spot any signs of rubbing, reddening, soreness or other signs of a friction burn however minimal, do not use Grippy Thigh Highs.


  • Do be cautious when positioning yourself in pole dance tricks before letting go with your other grip points such as your hands. 
  • Do use Grippy Thigh Highs for pole dance moves you are very confident in executing, and know your grip points.
  • Do check your Grippy Thigh Highs for wear and tear before each use. If the grip has worn, it is time for a new pair. Sliding into positions or creating a high-friction movement will increase the rate of wear and tear. 
  • Grip will be damaged with high abrasion activity, combinations and drops. Avoid these for best use of your Grippy Thigh Highs.
  • Don’t use Grippy Thigh Highs for drops.
  • Don’t use Grippy Thigh Highs for moves you have never tried, even if a spotter is present. 
  • Don’t use Grippy Thigh Highs if the grip is starting to wear off. 
  • Don’t use Grippy Thigh Highs if they are wet or if the pole is wet. 
  • Don’t use Grippy Thigh Highs on poles that are not chrome, steel or brass. 

Important note: Pole dance is a high abrasion activity on a dancer's skin. Over time the grip, due to natural wear and tear, will peel off in high use areas. If you have followed the rules of use and the grip peels off after just a couple of uses please let us know at info@divinitypolewear.com

Terms of Grippy Use